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Welcome to Novus Bridge, East Africa’s leading regulatory service providers in agrochemical products.

Regulatory and Registration Services

We provide regulatory intelligence services in the agrochemical industry.
We also assist in setting guidelines and regulations in agrochemical field in Kenya.

Marketing and Product Development

Successful product development requires a keen eye on opportunities that exist in the market place.
We present opportunities to our clients though scientific analysis.

Training and Innovation Services

We train our clients in various fields around agrochemical use and use of technology.
Our experts have years of experience in agrochemical management and usage.

Agency Arrangement & Interactions

The key to any successful regulatory strategy in East Africa is a fruitful interaction with the relevant competent regulatory agencies. We assist our clients in meetings and hearings.


Who We Are

Novus-bridge is a one stop shop for Agrochemical consultancy in East Africa. We do regulatory, marketing and intelligence consultancy in the following areas.

Bio Pesticides

The team is comprised of regulatory experts with extensive experience in product development and a track record of developing regulatory strategies in the region .With us you get quick access of continuous surveillance of regional and local regulations , directives ,guidelines and regulatory precedents to guarantee creativity in product development and registration process . We therefore, deliver a sound regulatory and marketing strategies based on current regional and country guidelines but in a global context.

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Our Partners

We partner with government institutions and international organizations to provide the best services in the agrochemical industry!